About Beth Fowler

“I like to say – it’s an adventure!”

Beth answers questions about DRAWN
November 30, 2012 – Austin House of Prayer live interview


Beth Fowler wrote the bestselling unconditional love book COULD YOU LOVE ME LIKE MY DOG? (1996), a sequel COULD YOU LOVE ME LIKE MY CAT? (1996), the devotional based on the Psalms COULD YOU LOVE ME LIKE MY GOD? (1997) and the history of early churches in Texas and Austin THE SPIRIT OF MISSIONS (2000). Most recently, she introduced her first fiction book DRAWN (2012).

Part incurable romantic, part artistic seer, Beth likes to say, “It’s an adventure!” After studies at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and graduation from the University of Texas, she moved to New York and continued her education at the New York School of Visual Arts while working on advertising agency assignments for Procter & Gamble, Beecham Products and Hunt-Wesson. Her relocation to Dallas included new advertising agency assignments for Frito-Lay, Kraft and Zale’s. Born in Austin, Beth returned “home” to write books, create art and enjoy the lake. She has been a featured author and speaker for the Texas Book Festival, Austin Museum Day, Texas Writer’s Month, Austin Public Library, and based on her history of former slave Jacob Fontaine, Black History Month at the LBJ Library. Her drawings and paintings are exhibited during the WEST Austin Studio Tour. Beth exudes creativity and ideas.


An experimental program in elementary school stimulated Beth’s love of reading and writing. Words streamed as she wrote letters to her out-of-town grandmother, and this knack carried over to school compositions and essays. She enjoyed writing assignments, and eventually, saw her haikus and a short story published in the high school literary magazine.

During college, she studied advertising and design, and after graduation, pursued the fields as a career. Years of work in New York advertising agencies refined her abilities, and between creative bursts, she read suspense novels to recharge her imagination. A Dallas advertising agency recruited her to work on new products, and she spent a week in Kansas City, meeting the Hallmark creative team. From then on, her work increased to include advertising by day, and greeting cards by night.

A chance lunch with a new self-published author presented another possibility. Beth conceived a promising book title and a mock up describing the unconditional love of dogs. When dog owners, veterinarians and groomers loved the idea, she self-published the book. COULD YOU LOVE ME LIKE MY DOG? sold out its first printing at a dog show in the Houston Astrodome. An advertising friend introduced Beth to a literary agent, and Simon & Schuster acquired COULD YOU LOVE ME LIKE MY DOG? and the sequel COULD YOU LOVE ME LIKE MY CAT?

In gratitude, she wrote a devotional based on the Psalms. Returning to the Houston Astrodome, she introduced COULD YOU LOVE ME LIKE MY GOD? The book received praise from the pastor of Houston’s Second Baptist Church, Dr. Ed Young. The national landmark church—St. David’s in downtown Austin—commissioned Beth to write its Sesquicentennial history.  For three years, she researched the church archives and materials at the Austin History Center. Over 300 black and white and color photographs were published with her history of the early church in Texas and Austin—THE SPIRIT OF MISSIONS.

Before wroting books, Beth had dreamed of an event in space that seemed important for people to see. She wrote the dream details and drew the images, but feared to reveal it. After self-publishing her first book, she wrote a few pages about the dream and filed them away. Writing her history of Texas and Austin early churches provided insight to her dream, and she studied Biblical symbols, names  and numbers to understand it. Her interpretation became the story of a young woman whose hometown slips into apocalyptic signs. She drew the dream as the cover of her first novel—DRAWN.

Beth is a member of the Writer’s League of Texas. She has been a  featured author and speaker at the Texas Book Festival and serves on the board of directors for the Austin History Center Association. The Austin Child Guidance Center awarded her the Christine B. Anderson Children’s Service Award.  Beth and her husband Michael live in Austin with their niece, a tabby, vast doves and squirrels, a raccoon and opossum, seasonal hummingbirds and a swooping great horned owl. Their daughter works in France.